Exmoor Pony Project (Moorland Exmoor Foal Project)

The Exmoor Pony Project (Moorland Exmoor Foal Project)

The Moorland Exmoor Foal Project was founded by Nick and Dawn Westcott in 2013.  The project's aim is to help give some of the free-born Moorland Exmoor foals a good start in life and also to support, encourage and promote the Moorland breeders and herds of Exmoor National Park. We work with Exmoor farmers/herd owners who share like-minded objectives in wanting to safeguard the future of pedigree and purebred Exmoor ponies. 
Since 2013, the moorbred Exmoor foals we have taken into the project are maturing and we are helping both foals and older ponies. We are also working with both moorbred and non-moorbred Exmoor ponies, and breeders, owners and enthusiasts in Exmoor National Park, across the UK and overseas. So what started with helping some moorland foals to get a good start, has now evolved to become the  The Exmoor Pony Project.

Our work with Exmoor ponies

At Holt Ball Farm, we care for and offer good opportunities to 25+ Exmoor ponies, who are born both on the moor and off the moor - and within our own small breeding programme. The Exmoor ponies here live naturally in mixed herds, with ages ranging from foals to veterans - stallions, mares, geldings, colts and fillies. They have access to barns and shelter, corrals and pasture, 24/7 all year round. 

We use a positive, trust-based horsemanship approach, based on encouraging two-way communication and using liberty and agility play to build trust and friendship with the ponies. 

We also work closely with other dedicated moorland farmers to help with management, marketing, promotion and finding good opportunities for Exmoor ponies. This includes work in Exmoor National Park, across the UK and overseas.

We are not a charity - we're a project. Our remit is to help Exmoor ponies and encourage kinder, more understanding ways of handling them and to find good opportunities for them.  

How you can help...

If you would like to make  Donation to support out work then you are welcome to do this via PAYPALusing ExmoorPonyClub@Hotmail.co.ukas a reference. Donations are entirely at your discretion and we appreciate your support:


If you'd like to make a Donation to support the Exmoor Pony Project then please visit this Paypal link using exmoorponyclub@hotmail.co.uk as the reference. Donations are entirely at your discretion and we appreciate your support.

Sponsor the Exmoor Pony Project

If you'd like to Sponsor An Exmoor Pony through sponsorship of the Exmoor Pony Project (Moorland Exmoor Foal Project, please click on the link below for the Sponsors page with more information. Thank your for your support!

Visits, Workshops and Events at the Exmoor Pony Project
Please click on the links for details of up coming  TalksWorkshops  and Events.
If you would like to arrange a tailored visit to the Exmoor Pony Project, please email dawnwestcott@hotmail.com.This is a working farm so we are not open to the public, however we can make arrangements for special visits/tour of ponies when possible, and at a reasonable cost. Proceeds help with the running of the project. 

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