Our @JustGiving Appeal for the Exmoor Pony Project
(Moorland Exmoor Foal Project)

Giving Moorbred Exmoor ponies good opportunities! Our @JustGiving Crowd-funding Appeal 

We would like to raise £2000 by 6 December to help with the winter costs of the Moorland Exmoor Foal Project.

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We use a positive, trust-based horsemanship approach to win the ponies confidence and friendship, with the early work done at liberty, free from ropes and restraint. This helps the ponies to feel comfortable in their new environment and allow us to handle them. 

The ponies run in herds, with free access to barns, corrals and pasture-grazing. Our care and management system is evolving to fulfil the ponies needs for company, space and stimulation. We now have ponies ranging from foals to veterans, fillies, colts, mares and geldings. Our work involves their care and management and also their continuing training and development. 

We fund the pony project ourselves, with some donations from supporters. We’re not a registered charity, largely because we don’t want to present this work as a ‘rescue’ charity. It's more about helping these important native ponies to make the transition from living wild to coping successfully with life off the moors. We do sometimes provide a lifeline, but we prefer to think of it as offering them a helping hand at the right time. We are working with other farmers and the authorities to improve moorland management, breeding practices, registrations, genetics research and development, marketing and promotion of the ponies. 

Our Exmoor ponies enjoy agility training and they take part in our pony workshops and activities, where we endeavour to help people to better understand Exmoor ponies and how to handle them. After a successful archaeological pack horse walk with some of the ponies during the Heritage Exmoor Pony Festival this year, we’d like to train more of the ponies to take part in walks on Exmoor next year, where people can join us. 

With over 25 Exmoor ponies living on the farm, the Moorland Exmoor Foal Project requires considerable time and resource to run and we are looking to raise some additional funds this winter. Costs include the ponies care and management, socialisation, training and handling, equipment, transport, taking part in events, and promotion of the ponies and the project, etc. We welcome enquiries from people who would like an Exmoor pony, however we will not consider placing ponies until we are absolutely sure it is the right home and opportunity. The long-term wellbeing of each and every pony is paramount. 

If you’d like to support our work with Exmoor ponies and help us raise funds for the project’s costs this winter, then donations to this fund are very welcome. Thank you for your support!
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