Wild Pony Whispering Video Clips

Some short video clips of the Exmoor ponies. This section will be evolving and updated so please do come back and check what's been added to the video section here. 

NEW Wild Herd Whispering

Arriving in October!

New Paragraph
Wild Herd Whispering is about the incredible Exmoor ponies as they reveal their true natures through the world of herd energy and dynamics. Starting with the dramatic winter arrival from the moor of a tiny five week old wild-born foal who faces the bleakest future, it is the big herd at Holt Ball Farm that decides how she will survive and thrive. The book follows the adventures of the ponies, revealing characters and behaviours that take you on a heart-rending, thought-provoking and enriching journey of equine enlightenment. This is an opportunity to catch up with adorable orphan Monsieur Chapeau and his friends and majestic stallion Bear, as their lives evolve and entwine with the wild herds of Exmoor. It follows the endearing, exciting and at times perilous experiences of the ponies – including unwelcome night time adventures, the quest to find foals lost in the wilderness and an entire moorland herd in jeopardy. With an expanding herd and challenges to face, author Dawn Westcott looks to the ponies themselves for help and inspiration: they in turn respond in a way that offers magical insights into what is going on in their hearts and minds. This book is an invaluable reference for people interested in better understanding and winning the trust and friendship of ponies. It also highlights the challenges of safeguarding the endangered Exmoor ponies of Exmoor National Park.

"A captivating, must-read book of interwoven stories that reveal much about herd dynamics and how ponies think and learn - thoroughly enjoyable!" Jo Browne, Editor, HORSE MAGAZINE

WILD HERD WHISPERING will be published in Oct 2017 by Halsgrove Publishing. Hardback 144 pages, 230 x 214mm, profusely illustrated in colour (photos). £14.99 + P&P. ISBN 978 0 85704 318 4.

How to Spot a Good Exmoor Pony

What to look for in a good Exmoor pony. Dawn Westcott takes a look at some of the Herd 423 free-living Exmoor ponies living on Countisbury and talks about this fascinating, ancient native pony breed. 

Kindly filmed by Marc Lubetzki -

Short film: Exmoor Foals Need Good Homes

A short film I did with wild horse film-maker Marc Lubetzki to promote moorland Exmoor ponies looking for good homes and to explain what to look for in a good Exmoor pony. 
Very grateful to Marc Lubetzki for generously giving his time and skills to do this. 
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My Exmoor Pony's January Mud Bath!

What does an Exmoor pony choose to do on a freezing, wet January day? Take a mud bath of course! 

Exmoor pony herd playing chase!

The Exmoor ponies were in high spirits today, playing chase around the fields. This short clip shows how much Exmoor ponies love to live in a herd.
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The Exmoor pony herd coming home

The herd had been grazing away down the farm and we'd asked them to come back up to the home paddocks. This is a short clip of the ponies keen to come back!

Exmoor Stallion Bear's Liberty & Agility Clips

Exmoor stallion Hawkwell Versuvius 'Bear' has twice stood International Horse Agility World Champion. Here are some clips of him at liberty on the farm, out in the 'wild' and doing horse agility obstacles and challenges.
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ITV West News - Dawn Westcott

A news feature for ITV West News about Dawn Westcott and her Exmoor ponies and the work being done to help safeguard their future.

ITV This Morning

Exmoor ponies Monsieur Chapeau and Lady Stumpkin Pumpkin travelled to the London  Television Centre, with Nick and Dawn Westcott, to meet Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on ITV This Morning. Afterwards, Monsieur Chapeau met Nicole Scherzinger! See the footage here:

BBC Spotlight on the Moorland Exmoor Foal Project

Dawn Westcott talks about the Moorland Exmoor Foal Project, why Exmoors are so special, how we can help them -  and why it's important not to farm Exmoor ponies for meat.
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BBC Spotlight - Multiple Hot Branding of Exmoors

Dawn Westcott on BBC Spotlight talking about why it's so important to stop the multiple hot branding of Exmoor ponies. This clip shows some graphic footage and gives an excellent insight into why this barbaric practice is so wrong.

BBC Inside Out - Dartmoor Hill Pony Meat

BBC Inside Out explores the new scheme to farm Dartmoor Hill Ponies for the human food chain.  This programme looks at making sausages out of the ponies. Dawn Westcott gives the opposing view and says that civilisation has been built on the back of the Horse - and they deserve a lot more from us than ending up on our dinner plates. 
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